This research article describes a study in which the findings suggest there is a relationship between different kinds of eating disturbance and the severity of Alzheimer's Disease. 10 pages. Last reviewed January 2019.

This article describes a systematic review that critically examined the available scientific literature on risk factors for malnutrition in the older population 65 years and older. 16 pages. Last reviewed December 2018.

This article describes a cross-sectional study conducted in 234 older adults in New Zealand aimed at investigating the magnitude and potential predictors of malnutrition risk at hospital admission. 8 pages. Last reviewed December 2018.

The authors conducted a study to evaluate the risk of dysphagia and its relationship with the stage of Alzheimer's disease including the relationship of dysphagia and nutritional status and caloric intake. 8 pages. Last reviewed December 2018.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 - 12 PM - 1 PM EST - Human Rights of Older Persons and Agenda 2030 is the first webinar by the International Federation on Ageing is a new series. The webinar will address key areas for implementation of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that ensure it fulfils its mandate for older persons. Presenters include Ken Bluestone, Head of Policy and Influencing, Age International, Erica Dhar, Director of Global Alliances, AARP, Cynthia Stuen, IFA Representative at the United Nations in New York, and Frances Zainoeddin, IFA Representative at the United Nations in New York. To register click here.

This article describes a study that aimed to evaluate the relationship between anorexia of aging and measure of physical performance, muscle strength and functional status in older adults 80 years or older. 7 pages. Last reviewed December 2018.

The authors aimed to assess whether the SImplified Nutritional Appetite Questionnaire (SNAQ) is related to the Mini-Nutritional Assessment (MNA) and worthwhile for screening older people at risk of malnutrition or malnourishment. 4 pages. Last reviewed December, 2018.

This article describes a study which explored the prevalence of anorexia and correlated factors in a large population of older adults living in a nursing home. They also investigated the impact of anorexia on 1 year survival. 6 pages. Last reviewed December 2018.

Tues. Feb. 26, 2019 from 2-4pm at Trent University. Dr, Outi Hakola will discuss how narrative, thematic and aesthetic choices in film construct, normalize, and challenge culture understandings of "good death."  She raises such questions as who is allowed or expected to have a "good death," how is the relationship with fragile and aging are bodies handled, and what are the demands and limits of indivdualized end-of-life experiences in neoliberal Western societies.  See the poster for more details. RSVP at