Tuesday May 7th, 12-1PM EST join presenter Dr. Peter Cordell for this free webinar presentation. Learning objectives include:

  • Understand lithium pharmacology and pertinent considerations in older adults
  • Appreciate the evidence base of lithium use in older adults with a bipolar disorder
  • Given this understanding and appreciation, should you offer lithium to older adults with bipolar disorder

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On Monday June 3rd 2019 presenter Atul Jaiswal, PhD aimed to make professionals in the field understand the challenges faced by older adults with dual sensory loss and offer potential solutions to support them. He will highlight strategies that could help professionals in conducting clinical assessments and providing medical care to older adults with dual sensory loss. He used case scenarios from the field in combination with recent knowledge developments in the field of dual sensory loss to present challenges and potential solutions. To watch the recording of the presentation click here. To learn more check out this reading list and the attached pdfs.

This Swedish booklet  is made up of a number of articles on a variety of considerations to support the quality of life for those with dual sensory loss. 32 pages. Last reviewed April 2019.

This article describes a cross-sectional study aimed to determine the prevalence and characteristics of dual sensory impairment among elderly of a rural community. 8 pages. Last reviewed April 2019.

This study described in this article provides a treatment protocol for rehabilitation of dual sensory loss within low vision rehabilitation. 12 pages. Last reviewed April 2019.

The aim of the study described was to develop and evaluated a Tactile Test Battery (TTB) for cognitive assessment in individuals with dual sensory impairment. 11 pages. Last reviewed April 2019.

The study described sought to extend existing research by investigating the effects of dual sensory loss on mental health to identify factors that explain the longitudinal associations between sensory loss and depressive symptoms. 13 pages. Last reviewed April 2019.

This webpage explains what deafblindenss is, the impact of deafblindness and dementia and suggestions on communication, ways to help and specialist support. Last reviewed April 2019.

The authors conducted a cohort study investigating the association between objectively measured dual sensory impairment with mortality risk over ten years. 6 pages. Last reviewed April 2019.

The investigators utilized data from InterRAI assessments and compared older adults with dual sensory impairment to all other older adults focusing on demographic characteristics, functional and psychosocial outcomes. 17 pages. Last reviewed April 2019.