The purpose of this document is to clarify when and how a physician can obtain a patient’s consent to treatment and what constitutes consent.

This Position Paper provides the background to this collaborative group as well as a brief description of why Advance Care Planning and Health Care Consent education for health care professionals is needed and beneficial in South East Ontario.  5 pages.

Hospice Palliative Care Ontario is leading the Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning Community of Practice (HCC ACP CoP) and are calling for members to come forth from across Ontario.  Please see the pdf document for a copy of this groups Terms of Reference.  

This toolkit by Donna Scott, and supported by Regional Geriatrrics programs of Ontario.

This FAQ page describes and outlines the process for accessing the Capacity Board and has many links embedded.

This 2 part tool describes in summary the main points related to 1.  Consent to Treatment and 2. Decisional Mental Capacity and Capacity Assessment specifically in Ontario.