This document serves as a guide for having Advance Care Planning conversations and to record wishes, values and beliefs. It is NOT consent for treatment. It will be viewed as a representation of a person’s capable thoughts and reflections therefore please use their own words.

This screening guideline is intended for Ontario agencies and institutions to evaluate the products they use and distribute related to Advance Care Planning and Health Care Consent.

This document is intended as an informative guide to performing a leadership role in the health care system in Ontario regarding the topics of Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning.  

This is an executive summary that  focuses on the interrelationship between health care consent and advance care planning under Ontario law, and on related misconceptions of health practitioners and health care organizations.  At common law and under Ontario legislation, informed consent is required before a health practitioner can provide treatment to a patient. Importantly, where a patient is found incapable, the requirement to obtain informed consent is not abrogated, but instead the informed consent is obtained from communications with substitute decision makers (SDMs).

This template is developed for institutions to assist in creating or updating their Health Care Consent (HCC) and Advance Care Planning  (ACP) Policy. It provides important information to consider.

This tip sheet reviews the requirements for informed consent and the hierachy of Substitute Decision Makers (SDM) listed in the Health Care Consent Act (Ontario).  Requirements of SDM as per the HCCA s.20 are outlined.

This tip sheet provides details about the Health Care Consent Act (HCCA) and Advance Care Planning in Ontario.  The roles of the health care practitioner, substitute decision maker and patient are outlined. "Best interests" are defined as set out by the HCCA.

This presentation by Judith Wahl gives an overview of key points about Advance Care Planning and Health Care Consent in an Ontario community care setting.

This presentation is about the ABC's of Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning (ACP) and what Lawyers and Investment Advisors should know for the work they do for clients as well as professionalism issues related to advising clients about Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning.