Oral Health Community of Practice

Publication/Event Date: 
Wednesday, August 7, 2019

*This group is no longer active

The Oral Health CoP was created in 2009, and operated as a trans-sectoral knowledge-based network to promote the dissemination of evidence-based, clinically relevant oral health information. The CoP facilitated the exchange of this knowledge to long-term care providers and care providers of frail older adults across the health care and oral/dental care sectors.  The Oral Health CoP promoted:

  • Awareness-raising strategies
  • Education/learning opportunities
  • Collaboration and networking opportunities in the health and oral/dental care sector


The Oral Health CoP membership included a Core Team of geriatric, long-term care and oral health knowledge experts from the health and oral health care sectors. The members were responsible for the development of the Oral Health CoP knowledge resources.  They also interacted and collaborated with hundreds of paid and unpaid caregivers, researchers, policy makers and educators.