Primary Care Clinical Resource Toolkits

Primary Care Clinical Resource Toolkits were designed as part of the Geriatrics, Interprofessional, Interorganizational Collaboration (GiiC) project. Its purpose was to support family health teams and community health centers in the delivery of care for frail seniors.

The resources offer a systematic and inter-professional approach to common care issues through the "identify, prepare, evaluate, action" framework. This basic clinical approach can be used for the evaluation and management of any chronic condition.


 GiiC Project resources have been produced as a collaborative effort between CSAH and the following partners:

  • Regional Geriatric Programs of Ontario
  • Centre for Education and Research on Aging and Health at Lakehead University, Thunder Bay
  • North East Specialized Geriatric Services Group, Sudbury
  • Northern Ontario School of Medicine


Resources include algorithms & frameworks, client/patient pre-assessment forms, clinician assessment forms, client/patient handouts, quick reference sheets, other references and presentations.

CSAH collaborated in the production of the following toolkits:

  • Advance Directives in Primary Care
  • Capacity Assessment in Primary Care
  • Caregiver Burden in Primary Care
  • Delirium in Primary Care
  • Dementia in Primary Care
  • Depression in Primary Care
  • Driving in Primary Care
  • Falls in Primary Care
  • Geriatric Periodic Health Exam in Primary Care
  • Pain in Primary Care
  • Urinary Incontinence in Primary Care