Optimizing Medications for Seniors

Focused Research

The Research Institute for Aging (RIA) has been conducting projects based around a variety of themes- one of which is “optimizing medications for seniors.”

This research area aims to improve care and overall quality of life for older adults by optimizing medication effectiveness and patient safety. Seniors are particularly at risk for medication-related problems and issues can involve the under- or overuse of medications, inappropriate prescribing, adverse reactions, drug interactions and lack of adherence to drug therapy. Opportunities for optimizing medications in older adults are now being identified and developed into research projects to inform clinical practice.

Dr. Carlos H. Rojas-Fernandez leads many of these projects aimed at optimizing medications for seniors. Please see attached files above for some key resources.

Project Highlights

        • Investigating potential medication-related contributors to falls among residents living in congregate care settings.
        • Assessment of current patterns in psychotropic drug use for the treatment of dementia.
        • Identifying knowledge gaps in fall prevention, particularly related to medication use, where education and training can be enhanced.

For more information, please see http://www.the-ria.ca/research-education/theme-areas/optimizing-medications-for-seniors/