Knowledge Exchange

Creating Future Leaders in Eldercare

Supporting Providence Care’s Geriatric Psychiatry and Specialized Geriatrics

CFLE arose out of a desire to develop an ongoing initiative of investing in people, including clinicians and allied health care professionals, with a focus on sustainable quality improvement in care for the elderly, and on fostering emerging champions and mentors in teams.

The project was designed around four main components:

Educational Workshop Series – "Building Capacity in Eldercare"

Team-led Quality Improvement Projects

Advanced Geriatrics Day

Orientation package – "Joining our Team"


Educational Workshop Series

Successful completion of the Educational Workshop Series by 10 participants ("champions") from in-patient teams of Geriatric Psychiatry and Specialized Geriatrics staff.

Sharing Across Programs

Networking between the two Programs resulted in strengthened relationships and improved understanding of each other’s work environment and associated challenges. Participants indicated that sessions were well-facilitated and recommended that additional staff receive the opportunity. The majority believed that the initiative would lead to sustainable improvements in care.

Improved Patient Care

Both teams reported a high degree of satisfaction with their QI projects and with the resultant outcomes of safer medication delivery and improved continuity of patient care. Staff contributed to a poster outlining their accomplishments.

Quality Improvement

Both groups of champions were successful in engaging their unit teams in identifying, developing and implementing a quality improvement initiative.

Sustainable Leadership

The interprofessional teams are continuing to lead additional QI projects, sustaining the leadership for improved elder care within Providence Care.


  • Providence Care’s Geriatric Psychiatry Services
  • Providence Care’s Specialized Geriatrics


Conference Workshops

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Team-led Quality Improvement Projects

  • Improved Continuity of Care - The Geriatric Psychiatry team on Ward 26 demonstrated 100% improved continuity of care with their patients by realigning the patient assignment so that it was geographically oriented to patients and room locations, ‘buddying’ staff for improved patient coverage, and assigning same staff to same patients for consecutive tours of duty wherever possible
  • Improved Medication Reconciliation and Safe Delivery- Through the trial introduction of a third med cart and associated efficiencies, the Specialized Geriatrics team reduced medication errors on days to 0% from 50%, resulting in the approval for purchase of a new third med-cart on the floor