Primary Care - GiiC Knowledge-to-Practice Workshops 2008-2009

As part of the GiiC (Geriatrics, Interprofessional, Interorganizational, Collaboration) Project, South East Ontario health professionals particpated in a series of Knowledge-to-Practice Workshops aimed at enhancing the care of frail seniors in primary care.

These interactive workshops addressed the assessment and management of common geriatric conditions and co-morbidities and began in October 2008 at Providence Care in Kingston, Ontario. Participants were recruited from Family Health Teams (FHTs) and Community Health Centers (CHCs) to act as future “facilitators.”

The Primary Care Education - GiiC Knowledge-to-Practice Workshops focused upon evidence-based practice, interprofessional care, and interorganizational collaboration – the cornerstones of quality eldercare. Participants received:

  1. Access to faculty with enhanced knowledge and skills regarding the care of frail seniors who can act as a facilitator to guide interprofessional practice and collaborative care.
  2. Access to extensive range of practical clinical tools for seniors care.
  3. Ongoing support and mentoring from a team of GiiC Resource Consultants.
  4. Future linkage with a network of GiiC facilitators from FHTs and CHCs across the province.

The workshops were offered as four discrete sessions in 2008-09.  The final session focussed on discussions concerning the development of action plans to implement best practices within local primary care groups.   To find out more information about these KTP workshops, click on the following links: