ACP-HCC Resources for Health Care Providers

This page contains a comprehensive collection of resources focusing on Advance Care Planning [ACP] and Health Care Consent [HCC] that are pertinent to practice of health care providers in Ontario. These resources are generally informed by research studies, externally reviewed by experts and then adopted as a part of a framework to support health care providers in guiding patients through the Advance Care Planning process.

Use the dropdown option in the HCP Resource Navigator below to select from the following types of resources: Guidelines, Decision Support, Information Sheets & Handouts, PresentationsPublications, Videos & Webinars and Websites. Please refer to the Resources Guide in the left column for more information on these resource types.

Resource Guide

Decision Support: Resources to help patients, providers and care partners to understand the risks and benefits of different care options.

Handbook: Documentation Tools such as Workbooks, Checklists, Guidelines and Informative Publications.

Information Sheets & Handouts: These resources provide key information and include brochures.

Presentations:  Include upcoming and past in-person and online presentations. 

Publications: Include ACP & HCC Research, Reports, Statistics and Demographics relevant for people living in Ontario.

Videos & Webinars: Features a variety of videos and webinars related to ACP & HCC.

Website: Links to web-based resources.

HCP-ACP-HCC Resources for Health Care Professionals

This copy of a webinar presented on January 13th 2017 by the Hospice Palliative Care Ontario Health Care Consent (HCC) and Advance Care Planning (ACP) Community of Practice provides an explanation of what HCC and ACP means in Ontario and what care providers need to know and understand to support clients/patients and their Substitute Decision Makers.

Government of Ontario law regarding Health Care Consent dating back to original law.

This template is developed for institutions to assist in creating or updating their Health Care Consent (HCC) and Advance Care Planning  (ACP) Policy. It provides important information to consider.

This presentation is about the basics about Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning and who is the decision maker for health care; the resident or the residents' Substitute Decision Maker and why. As well you will discover what Capacity to make a treatment decision means and who determines if a resident is mentally capable.

This presentation by Judith Wahl gives an overview of key points about Advance Care Planning and Health Care Consent in an Ontario community care setting.